Ever increasing demand for construction sand has caused rapid depletion of riverbeds and raised many environmental concerns. Aggressive and controlled sand mining has resulted in erratic supply and therefore greater fluctuations in prices as well as inconsistency in quality.

Conventional materials and methods of applying mortar are highly time consuming and involve more operations like procuring and sieving, which in turn leads to spillage and wastage of sand.

Perlcon Brickbond is a unique cement based formulation developed specifically to overcome sand related problems like availability, quality, labour and time while enhancing the advantages of mortar. Brickbond ensures consistent quality, fewer operation cycles and quick construction. It saves time and manpower. Self curing Brickbond also resolves the need for water for curing and also prevents ill effects that arise due to inferior quality of water used for curing.

Brickbond allows making thinner and even masonry joints. It also enhances wall aesthetics and durability.


Technical Specifications

Dry density:  1600 kg/cum (+/- 5%)
Initial setting time: 100 – 120 mins
Final setting time:  300 – 360 mins
Pot life:  3 hrs • Coating thickness: 8 – 10 mm (avg)
Coverage*:  465 kg/100 sq. ft (for 230 mm thickness)
Shelf life**: 6 months
Ideal for use at 27oC to 30oC

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care.

How to Apply

The bricks/CC blocks should be dry and clean before application. Do not apply Brickbond on a damp/dirty/greasy surface.
Take a clean pot, with potable water measuring 18% (+/- 5.0%) the weight of Brickbond.
Slowly mix and knead to form a homogeneous paste. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes. Mix again for perfect blending without adding water.
Apply Brickbond on clean, dry brick/CC block surface with a mason's trowel to make an even joint layer of 8-10 mm thickness.
Brickbond is self-curing and does not require water curing post application.


Q. Can Brickbond be used for all types of Bricks & C.C. blocks?

A. Yes. Brickbond is similar to heavy sand-cement mortar which is used conventionally for masonry works. Brickbond is ideal for use with red clay/fly ash bricks & C.C. blocks masonry works.

Q. Does the base surface have to be wet prior to the application?

A. No. Pre wetting of bricks/blocks surfaces is not required for prior application of Brickbond mortar.

Q. What is the joint thickness required for achieving a good bond?

A. 8-10 mm (depending on the evenness of bricks/blocks at site).

Q. Can it be mixed manually at site?

A. Yes. Ideally, when required in large volume, it is recommended to have machine mixing at site. However with proper care Brickbond can be manually mixed at site.

Q. How much water does it require?

A. Clean potable water, 18% by weight of Brickbond to be mixed at site.

Q. What coverage can be achieved with Brickbond application?

A. Brickbond at approximately 480 kg/100 sq.ft of 230 mm thick brick masonry will be used at site.

Q. Does Brickbond offer value additions?

A. Yes. Brickbond is consistent, user friendly premix formulation which saves material, manpower and time at site. It is sand free and self curing. It forms uniform, even sized masonry joints with utmost ease.

Q. Does Brickbond prevent occurrence of salt pitting & efflorescence?

A. Yes, Brickbond is made with salt-free, chloride free materials and hence doesn't contribute to occurrence of salt pitting & efflorescence on walls.

Q. Do we need to use special tools or methods while making masonry work with Brickbond?

A. No. Brickbond can be used in traditional manner and with regular mason's tools.

Q. What is the pot life?

A. 180 mins.

Q. What is the shelf life?

A. 6 months subject to dry, cool, weather protected storage & packed conditions.

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