Colorputty replaces conventional white putty to add aesthetics to walls in homes and offices. Sometimes final painting needs be deferred to detect dampness, leakages, cracks, etc. or to decide on interiors before the final painting job. Why live with plain white walls during that intervening period!

Colorputty is a unique formulation, which combines the advantages of Perlcon’s special light weight, feather smooth putty and paint to add color for beautification of walls. Like Perlcon’s Maskaputty, Colorputty too is easy to mix, spread and also gives 25% better coverage than ordinary putties.

Colorputty can directly receive normal paint at a preferred time. Colorputty has higher resistance to moisture, fungus and efflorescence, provides better aesthetics and longevity. It also enables creation of multicolor walls immediately and effortlessly.

Colorputty is gentler on the hands and does not cause acute dryness and cracking of skin while working.



Technical Specifications

Dry density: 830 kg/cum (+/- 5.0%)
Initial setting time: 120-150 mins
Final setting time: 300 - 360 mins
Pot life: 3 hrs
Coating thickness: 0.8 - 1.2 mm
Coverage*: 15 sq.ft./kg
Shelf life**: 6 months Ideal for use at 27°C to 30°C

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care. Under packed conditions.

How to Apply

Fill a clean pot with potable water measuring 45% the weight of Colorputty (1 kg Colorputty : 0.45 litres water).
Pour Colorputty in the pot filled with water and mix. Mix and knead slowly to form a homogeneous paste. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes. Mix the paste again without adding more water.
Evenly apply first coat from bottom to top and from left to right direction without leaving stroke marks.
Remove loose particles if any prior to application of second coat. Repeat action (as per sr. no. 3) for application of second coat.
Do not use sandpaper after application of Colorputty.

Colour Pallete



Q. Is Colorputty crack free?

A. Colorputty reduces the possibility of surface cracks.

Q. Is Colorputty damp free?

A. Colorputty reduces the possibility of dampness.

Q. Can Colorputty be used in place of all types of paints?

A. Colorputty works well and gives similar results as distemper paints.

Q. Does the surface need to be wet prior to application of Colorputty?

A. No.

Q. How many coats are required to get a good finish?

A.  Two coats of Colorputty are ideal to get an even, smooth and bright finished surface.

Q. Can Colorputty be mixed manually at site?

A. Yes.

Q. How many shades of Colorputty are available for application?

A. Colorputty is available in about 12-15 shades, predominantly pastels. For customized shades in sizable quantity, please contact Perlcon.

Q. How much water is required for Colorputty?

A. Water required would be 45% the weight of Colorputty.

Q. What is the average coverage that Colorputty provides?

A. 15 sq.ft./kg.

Q. After how much time of applying the first coat, can you apply the second coat of Colorputty?

A. After 45-60 mins.

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