Use of Roof Insulation Materials In Construction

October 12, 2023
Use of Roof Insulation Materials In Construction

Polystyrene and mineral wool are two of the most common types of heat insulation materials used in building, but there are many more options for roof insulation as well like Perlcon GIB Coolmix & Glazed Iso Balls. They also include substances that offer improved protection against the heat and cold, despite their reduced thickness and increased resistance to the accumulation of moisture. What kinds of materials are going to be the most effective when it comes to insulating a roof, exterior walls, or foundations? Let’s find out, shall we?

Why Do We Use Insulation Material While Constructing a Building?

  • High R values are what Heat Insulation Material for Roof ensures in order to defend against heat loss, prevent heating or cooling, and provide the best thermal comfort inside of households, warehouses, factories, hospitals, shelters, or any other facility. This includes protecting against heat loss.
  • In a hot country like India, the Roof Insulation Materials offered by Perlcon offer the best possible defense against heat and help to maintain a cool interior environment.

Are materials for thermal insulation required in every situation?

Concrete, which is the most common material used for constructing walls and foundations, has a thermal conductivity coefficient that is rather high and is prone to the accumulation of moisture. As a consequence of this, non-insulated concrete elements provide an insufficient barrier between the interior and the exterior, and thus are unable to effectively safeguard interiors of a building from warm or cold air from outside.

  • Using roof insulation materials in construction is not only a way to ensure thermal comfort at any time of the year, it also helps building residents to reduce cooling and heating costs.
  • Heating or Cooling equipment like AC can operate at a lower power and easier maintain the optimum inside temperature. Because of this, the amount of energy used and the expenditures will both be reduced.

What characteristics should be shown by roof insulation materials used in buildings?

Building designers can choose between several types of roof insulation materials like GIB Coolmix & Glazed Iso Balls by Perlcon. All these solutions have a few characteristics in common.

Good insulation materials should have properties like:

  • Moisture resistant: they absorb airborne water & rain only to a small extent;
  • Resistant to temperature change: they should keep interiors at normal temperature both during winters and summers;
  • Should be sturdy enough to not get damaged by any forces or loads that act on them;
  • Should be flexible and easy to install

How to go for Roof Insulation for your building?

In order to find high-quality insulation materials for various parts of your home, you should ask reputable manufacturers. Perlcon is one of the leading suppliers of Roof Insulation materials. Take a look at Products.


For roof insulation materials made of polyurethane, the range is more extensive. Anyone who is looking for insulation from high heat and cold should look into purchasing either Perlcon GIB COOL MIX or the GLAZED ISO BALLS. The excellent Heat Insulation Material offered by Perlcon helps to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere while simultaneously lowering the amount of energy that is consumed.