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Perlcon Premix hails from the Amol Minechem lineage, (formerly Amol Dicalite Ltd), which was established in 1979 to produce, Perlite Filteraid and Perlite products for the first time in India.

The group has a state-of-the-art full automated manufacturing plant in Gujarat offering Perlite Filteraids and a wide suite of building materials. The group enjoys a great reputation in domestic and international markets for its innovative products and technological prowess.

Perlcon is a company symbolising innovation and change. With a unique building materials product range that helps save on material usage, speeding up on site work and is environment friendly at the same time.

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Why Choose Us?

With PERLCON innovation, you get the following “Value Additions” readily and consistently;


Sand Free System

Green building construction, saves environment, saves energy, riddance from multiple handling/sieving of sand etc. Reduced manpower requirement.



Self Curing Materials

Require no post application water curing. Therefore, no efflorescence on new construction due to inferior water quality. Saves water.

Manufacturer of Building & Construction Material

Light Weight Construction

Increased coverage, higher productivity, reduced dead loads. Easy to work.

Manufacturer of Building & Construction Material

Enhanced Site Productivity

Better consistency, least material handling, minimize manpower & wastage at site.

Manufacturer of Building & Construction Material

User Friendly Single Pack System

Easy to handle, just add recommended quantity of water at site.


Perlcon innovations improvise conventional products’ properties to optimum level and simplify their application processes at site. Perlcon construction materials save time, effort and cost in ‘real-time’ situations. They are light weight, easy to work with and therefore, they are real ‘Performance Enhancers’ on Field! Thus, Perlcon products benefit all the stake holders – Builders, Applicators and Inhabitants!

  • Repair/Renovation
  • New construction

Our Clients


We, Shivalik Hetu LLP have been using Perlcon Premix’s Block jointing mortar Blockbond HD for a few years now and are extremely satisfied with the product quality and service. Blockbond HD is technically compatible with AAC blocks, and it provides 40% more coverage than other sand-based mortars resulting in substantial cost savings and lesser handling. We highly recommend Perlcon Blockbond HD.

Hirak DesaiS&H Construction

I used Perlcon Premix Pvt Ltd’s Vertigrip Platinum tile adhesive for fixing vitrified tiles on all exterior walls of my new home in 2018, and I am delighted with the result. My contractor was a bit sceptical about using a new brand but the way they demonstrated the product, its application and its advantages, we decided to go only for Vertigrip Platinum for our house. The tiles were fixed at more than 9 meters height.

Seeing the fantastic results, I also opted for their lightweight filler material for my Corporate House washrooms, and I had a great experience with that too. I am now exploring a suite of their products for my factory units.

Wishing Perlcon all the very best in their business.

Sumanth Chowdhary, Executive Director, Santosh Starch Products Limited

Since many years we were facing a constant problem of damp walls at The House of MG, 120 year old building built in brick and mortar, in several places in basement as well as around our swimming pool.

While I was attending an exhibition sometime in 2014, I came across Perlcon’s Osmoplast displayed at their booth. Osmoplast claimed to be a cement based premixed plaster which breathes out any dampness coming in the wall in form of vapour without damaging your paint/wall surface.

It has been two years now since we used their product and till date there has been no dampness observed by us on the walls and we are satisfied with the solution Perlcon has offered us.

I extend my good wishes for their future endeavors and recommend Perlcon’s Osmoplast to people facing wall dampness related issues.

Abhay Mangaldas, Founder Director, House of MG