Conventional Sand Cement Plaster v/s Ready Mix Plaster

July 14, 2023
Conventional Sand Cement Plaster v/s Ready Mix Plaster

Traditional sand cement plaster and ready-mix plaster are popular for plastering walls and ceilings. It is essential to recognize the variations and select the best technique for your project because each method has a unique set of advantages and factors to consider.

To assist you in making an informed choice, we will examine the qualities of traditional sand cement plaster and ready-mix plaster in this blog post.

Traditional Sand Cement Plaster

For many years, the standard technique for plastering was sand cement plaster. Sand, cement, and water are manually combined on the spot to make a paste that is then applied to the surface. The affordability of this method is one of its main benefits. Sand cement plaster can be made with inexpensive, easily accessible materials. It is suitable for various applications because it has strong adhesion and durability.

However, there are some factors to be considered. On-site material mixing can be labor- and time-intensive. It takes skilled workers to achieve the proper consistency and quality, which guarantees a smooth and even finish. The relatively long curing time for sand cement plaster may extend the project timeline.

Ready Mix Plaster

Sand cement plaster is a common alternative, but ready-mix plaster is more practical. It is pre-mixed and delivered in bags; only water is needed before application. This method is intended to deliver dependability and simplicity. In contrast to traditional plaster, ready-mix plaster has excellent workability and dries more quickly. This makes it the perfect option for projects that must be completed quickly or when a smooth and uniform finish is required.

The advantages of ready-mix plaster outweigh any slight price premium over sand cement plaster. It is a cost-effective choice for more extensive projects because the reduced labor and quicker application time can save time. A uniform appearance across surfaces is also guaranteed by the ready-mix plaster’s consistent quality.


Consider factors like cost, time, and desired finish when choosing between traditional sand cement plaster and ready-mix plaster. While sand cement plaster is affordable and durable, ready-mix plaster offers convenience and consistent quality. Select the method that best suits your project’s needs for a successful outcome. has more information about similar topics.