AAC Blocks Adhesive – Procedure, Specification

November 03, 2023
AAC Blocks Adhesive – Procedure, Specification

Although there are several types of adhesives on the market, AAC Block Adhesive is the finest for producing long-lasting bonding. High-quality, long-lasting materials are needed for construction projects to guarantee safety. Bricks made of autoclaved aerated concrete are well-liked for their longevity and light compositions.

The adhesive’s high energy qualities make it ideal for building projects. The AAC block adhesive is useful in ensuring the AAC blocks are installed and positioned securely. Since its founding in 1979, Perlcon Premix has stood for creativity and innovation in the building sector. We have established our manufacturing facility in Gujarat to produce premium products.

How are AAC Blocks the right choice for your construction projects?

AAC blocks combine several ingredients, such as cement, lime, sand, and aluminum powder. The combination begins to form tiny bubbles with the autoclaving process, which turns the mixture into a lightweight material that is insulating and stringent enough for construction tasks.

Excellent thermal insulation from AAC blocks lowers energy use and keeps the structure’s interior at a suitable temperature. They improve the building’s acoustic qualities by efficiently attenuating sound. They are easier to manage and lessen the total weight of the structure because of their low density. AAC blocks are extremely resilient and fire and pest-resistant. Using the correct adhesive is crucial to maximizing the benefits of AAC blocks.

Procedure for the right application of AAC block adhesive.

The area covered with AAC blocks must be dry, clean, and clear of impurities, dust, and loose particles. To make Perlcon AAC Blocks Adhesive smooth and lump-free, mix it with clean water. Adhering to the prescribed water-to-cement ratio is necessary to guarantee adequate bonding. Utilizing a notched trowel, evenly spread the glue across the block’s surface. To form a solid bond:

  • Ensure even application of the adhesive.
  • Position the AAC block on the adhesive bed with caution.
  • Gently press it to guarantee a solid connection.

It is advised to employ spacers to keep joints consistent. Ensure the AAC blocks are sufficiently cured by keeping them moist for at least 24 hours following installation. A proper curing process strengthens the glue.

Specification of AAC Blocks Adhesive

The high bond strengths of the AAC block adhesive guarantee a strong block location. Another unique glue quality that contributes to its endurance is its water resistance. Because we offer our customers quality assurance, Perlcon’s adhesives are of a high calibre.

It’s time to invest in the best AAC block adhesive so that your construction projects last a long time and are safe.