Advantages of Using Exterior Tile Adhesive Instead of Mortar

December 08, 2023
Advantages of Using Exterior Tile Adhesive Instead of Mortar

The choice of materials is critical when building or renovating a facility. Exterior wall tiles give aesthetic value to the property and provide weather protection. The correct adhesive for placing these tiles is critical, and for various reasons, exterior tile adhesive has gained appeal over traditional mortar in recent years. We specialize in providing high-quality plasters, adhesives, and putties for construction projects at PERLCON. Let’s look at the benefits of using external wall tile adhesive over traditional mortar now that we’ve established the importance of using the proper goods.

Increased Bonding Strength

One of the primary benefits of exterior tile adhesive over mortar is its better bonding strength. Tile adhesives are specifically designed to provide a strong binding between the tiles and the substrate. This improved bonding capability ensures the tiles remain firmly in place even when subjected to external influences such as temperature fluctuations or wetness.

Minimizing the drying time

Unlike traditional mortar, which takes a long time to dry and set, exterior tile adhesive decreases the drying time dramatically. This quick-drying characteristic enables a speedier installation process, allowing building or renovation projects to move forward quickly without sacrificing quality. The shortened drying period also reduces the possibility of tiles slipping or dislodging during installation.

Durability and adaptability

Exterior wall tile adhesive provides the flexibility that mortar does not. The flexibility of the adhesive allows for minor adjustments in the building structure without compromising the tile’s integrity. This property is particularly useful in locations prone to seismic activity or widespread temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, tile adhesives are designed to withstand outside circumstances, ensuring the tiled surface’s resilience and lifespan.

Resistance to water and weather

Resistance to water and weather elements is another key advantage of outside tile adhesives. The adhesives above are designed to repel moisture, preventing it from penetrating the tiles and causing structural damage. Because tile adhesive is impervious to water, it is a great choice for outside applications, providing long-term protection against rain, humidity, and other environmental variables.

Application Ease

Compared to mortar, applying exterior tile adhesive is simpler and more convenient. The glue spreads readily due to its smooth consistency, ensuring regular covering and avoiding the possibility of uneven tile installation. The ease of use also helps to reduce material waste, making it a cost-effective choice for construction projects.


We take pride in supplying high-quality adhesives that meet the changing needs of construction projects at PERLCON. Our revolutionary product line offers dependability and efficiency, enabling builders and contractors to achieve better results. Switch to exterior tile adhesive and notice a difference in your building projects. Choose us for high-quality adhesives, plasters, and putties that redefine building standards. Contact us today to learn more about our exterior wall tile adhesive and how we can help you take your building projects to new heights!