Blockbond (HD)

Blockbond (HD)

Blockbond (HD)

We are among the best AAC block manufacturer in Ahmedabad – Gujarat, providing top-quality blocks and ensuring the durability of walls. Perlcon AAC blocks come in Fly ash and sand bases. We use fine aggregates, cement, and expansion agent to make the product. If you are looking for blocks to construct a building that will last a lifetime, AAC blocks are the way to go about it. We also offer AAC block adhesives / AAC block mortars along with AAC blocks, thus providing 360° services that complete your requirement.

Perlcon’s AAC block provides a wide array of advantages over traditional building materials, from environmental to price point of view. Our AAC blocks are considered one of the best green building materials, are non-toxic, and are used from recyclable materials. If you are going to work on a building that will be high-rise and will require the ability to handle high-temperature variation, our AAC blocks with Perlcon AAC block mortar are the product you should use. Since it has a lower density than traditional bricks, buildings that utilize our AAC block require lesser steel and concrete in the building structure.

Many people are shifting to AAC blocks because these blocks are sustainable, and are ten times larger than traditional bricks, which means fewer bricks are used in the construction. Even though it is larger than the traditional bricks, it is still 50% lighter, allowing construction workers to complete their work faster and with lesser fatigue. In addition, the materials used in the manufacturing of the AAC block will enable it to have small air pockets, which provides an excellent heat insulation property, thus helping one have a comfortable ambient environment and also save on energy bills. These blocks are earthquake-proof and have a good fire rating. Switching to our quality AAC blocks will make your construction project faster, more affordable, and more energy-efficient.


  • benefit-icon1

    Light Weight

  • benefit-icon2

    Saves time & Cost

  • benefit-icon3

    Sand free

  • benefit-icon4

    Self curing Saves water

  • benefit-icon5

    Dust free & clean

  • benefit-icon6

    Saves manpower

  • benefit-icon7

    Less material usage

  • benefit-icon8

    Lasts long

Technical Specifications

Dry density: 1050 kg/cum (+/- 5%)

Initial setting time: 220 – 250 mins

Final setting time: 360 – 400 mins

Pot life: 3 hrs • Coating thickness: 3-4 mm (avg.)

Coverage*: 25 kg/cum (for AAC blocks of size 600 x 200 x 200 mm)

Shelf life**: 6 months

Ideal for use at 27°C to 30°C

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care. Under packed conditions.

frequently asked questions

Can Blockbond be used for all types of light weight blocks?

Yes, Blockbond is formulated for all types of light weight blocks.

Can it be mixed manually at site?

Yes. Care should be taken to ensure uniform consistency.

How much water does it require?

48% by weight of Blockbond (+/- 5%.)

What is the coverage?

16 kg/cum of block masonry (Block size 600 x 200 x 200 mm.)

What is the shelf life?

6 months. Under ideal storage conditions.