Tile Adhesives/Grouts

At Perlcon, we manufacture high-quality tile fixing adhesives, and supply them all across the country. Our tile adhesives are easy to use and provide high performance, along with long durability. We utilise our specialised formula to create a polymer-modified fixing adhesive that is both grey and white cement-based. Our tile adhesives are ideal to use in both interior and exterior walls.

Whether you are laying tiles or fixing tiles over old ones also known as tile on tile, Perlcon’s tile adhesives will help you achieve good bonding. It is stain-resistant and chemical-resistant, making your tiles and stones look perfectly in place. Most of our tile fixing adhesives has high bonding strength and versatility, allowing you to use them for different types of tiles, mosaics, and stones. Since it is premixed, all you need to do is mix our material with the right amount of water preferably using a mixing machine to fix your tiles.