Top 5 Wall Putty In India

February 03, 2022
Top 5 Wall Putty In India

Are you on the lookout for the best possible standard of living? The ideal option for you would be to choose the best construction quality available.

Considering this, picking the best wall putty for home is crucial. To get a perfect paint finish, wall putty is a must-have. It provides a uniform and smooth surface upon which you are colouring and establishing a solid basis for the paint. Whatever your reason for repainting, this trick will guarantee that your fresh paint looks brand new for the rest of the year, even if you have just moved in. 

Top 5 Wall Putty Brands in India [Updated 2024]

#1. Perlcon Wall Putty

Perlcon Maskaputty

Finally, there is someone who prioritizes quality over outer appearance and colour. Known as the best wall putty for home, Perlcon’s Maskaputty is perfect for the new generation as a contemporary wall putty. From its name only, Perlcon promises a ‘maska’ smooth finishing of walls. 

Which wall putty is best? Maskaputty is so popular because of its micronized particles, which lighter than other wall putties. Being so smooth also allows you a greater surface coverage than what other wall putties allow. 

The search for long-lasting, resistant moisture and environment factors and gentle wall putty comes to an end with Perlcon’s Maskaputty. 


  • Covers a greater surface area. 
  • Bacteria and fungus free. 
  • No cracking or drying of the skin while using. 


  • There are no cons. 

#2. Birla Wall Putty

Birla Wall Putty

Almost any colour on a wall can be protected with this one-of-a-kind wall coat option. Leading in India as the best brand in manufacturing high-quality products, using their wall putty will give your home a great finishing touch. The Birla Wall Putty is designed in such a way to be water-resistant, dust-proof, and bacteria-free as well. 

Birla focuses on giving your home an upgraded look, and using their best wall putty in India will help do so. This reputed brand has a loyal chain of customers who trust using their wall putty for their homes. 


  • Highly water-resistant. 
  • Smooth covering of the surface. 


  • There are no significant cons. 

#3. Asian Paints Wall Putty

Asian Paints Wall Putty

Asian Paints has been working for decades, and people trust them for their first-rate quality products. Their wall putty is white cement-based with re-dispersible polymer and beneficial additives for a hassle-free application and comes in the top 5 wall putty in India

If you want a wall putty that gives a smooth and uniform touch to your walls, has great water resistance, is highly adhesive to elusion paints, has excellent abrasion resistance and is anti-algae in nature, then Asian Paints Asian wall putty is the one that you are probably looking for. 


  • No pre-soaking in water. 
  • Great adhesive quality. 


  • No cons. 

#4. Iris Paints Wall Putty

Iris Paints Wall Putty

Not all wall putties are made to be used on the interior and exterior sides of a wall. But breaking all norms, Iris Paints Wall Putty is manufactured and designed to work this dual way. It is noticed that people do not often choose this brand because it is not very famous, but when people learn about them, there is no looking back. 

This white cement-based wall putty is available in a fine powdered form, and although it is not the best waterproof wall putty in India, it can also be used to repair any damage to the walls. Using Iris Paints Wall Putty only ensures the best results, so it is rated in the top 5 wall putty in India


  • Long-lasting. 
  • Dries very quickly. 


  • Not great water resistance.

#5. JK Protomax Acrylic Wall Putty

JK Protomax Acrylic Wall Putty

JK Protomax Acrylic wall putty is the right product to use if you want to achieve a wall that is effortlessly gorgeous. It is the best waterproof wall putty available in India, and as a result, your wall will retain its silky and smooth appearance for an extended period of time.

Unlike ordinary wall putties, the JK Protomax Acrylic white wall putty guarantees maximum coverage and minimal paint consumption. The only thing that you must remember is that this wall putty is only suitable for interior surfaces. 


  • Perfect for alkali-resistant paints and primers. 
  • Glossy, flawless result. 


  • It takes a long time to dry. 


Perlcon is the best in manufacturing the best wall putty in India. Working since 1979, Perlcon represents modernization and innovation. It has a unique range of building materials and products that are created especially for long-term work. Perlcon believes in making full use of technology which is why their innovative services are greatly influential in the construction industry. But such innovation does not come at the cost of the environment, making our products environment-friendly. 

Just as how their motto “Innovate. Change. Lead.” goes, Perlcon aims at making your life easier and better, even if it is by one per cent. So, if you want to choose the best products and services for your home, then opt for Perlcon now. Overall, hiring Perlcon will only give you fruitful results, saving you time, effort and money. 

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