Tile adhesive vs Cement: What are the Pros & Cons?

February 23, 2022
Tile adhesive vs Cement

People nowadays want to adorn their homes with tiles. Since the tiles seem gorgeous once they are laid, they might give individuals an affluent sensation. Furthermore, the tiles are pretty clean once they have been laid. Because ceramic tiles can be cleaned with a moist cloth no matter where they are filthy, many people choose to use them while decorating their houses.

Not just for the floor, but many people opt for ceramic tiles to adorn their walls, which appear attractive and eliminate the need to struggle about the cause of the dampness.

Due to the advantages of tiling, an increasing number of individuals will prefer to install ceramic tile while decorating. However, there has lately been an issue in which many individuals do not know what type of materials to choose for installing tiles, or they battled with the material selection – Cement and tile glue. 

Today, we will analyze tile adhesive and cement mortar, as well as discuss – what are the pros & cons of Cement and tile adhesive.

Tile Adhesive vs Cement Mortar

There are majorly two types of tile materials used typically: tile adhesive and Cement.

  • Tile adhesive is a kind of polymer-based adhesive substance with high hardness. It is used to adhere the tiles to the wall or the floor.
  • Cement, a kind of cementitious substance, is the most generally utilized material for placing ceramic tile. It is also the oldest material that is being used for tile walls/floors.

Benefits of using Cement

You may live comfortably in a room that has been tiled with cement mortar. Another benefit is that it is significantly less expensive than tile glue. The cost-performance ratio will be pretty high.

Benefits of using Tile Adhesives

The adhesive ability of the tile adhesives is compelling, which is why people pick it. If you tile a floor or a wall with this substance, the tile shall not come off quickly. Furthermore, the layer is consistent and thin, making it difficult for the hollowing phenomena to develop.

It is worth noting that tile adhesive may save building time and is simple to install. This is due to its high water retention capacity.

Cons of Cement mortar

The phenomena of tile hollowing or falling off will occur in the case when the installation technique is not competent or if there are flaws in the installation. You must use a considerable quantity of Cement while tilling to a specified thickness in order to place the floor/wall tile properly.

Tile adhesives are much cleaner than Cement mortars, whereas cement mortar gets dirtier during building or mixing.

Other than a slightly higher cost there are no major disadvantages of using tile adhesives. However, the slightly higher cost far outweighs the benefits that tile adhesives provide over the normal cement mortar mix for fixing tiles. 

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