Block Jointing Mortars

We are a leading manufacturer of block jointing mortar specially formulated and ready to use. Since our block jointing mortar is ready to mix for the user’s convenience, it eliminates the need to prepare by mixing different ingredients on-site. Perlcon’s ready mix mortar is perfect for construction workers who want high-strength adhesive to quickly and firmly lay their AAC blocks. We provide high-quality block jointing mortar made with and without graded sand and cement, and it is further blended with polymers.

We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture our top-grade cement mortar to ensure improved compressive and tensile strength and the best quality product in that price range.

Our ready mix mortar has several benefits over traditional mortar Many people across the country prefer to use our mortar because of its high level of consistency, and it requires you to use only a thin layer of 3-4 mm. Since it has a lower density and higher volume, a lesser amount of mortar will cover a wider area where you use it. This ensures a lot of saving on mortar costs. Since it retains water at a higher rate because of the polymers, it does not require curing, and you can save a lot of water after applying it.