Spray Plaster Solutions

Spray Plaster Solutions

Giema Spray Plaster Solutions

Mixing Pump Blitz TP-18

This high performance mixing-pump is fit for all conventional dry materials i.e.: plasters, cementing material, curing compounds, adhesives, reinforcements and paste-like or fluid material i.e.: coatings, primers, paints. The enormously powerful drive-motor with built-on frequency converter guarantees high performance within the 230V category. When using pre-mixed paste-like products, the output speed is variable.

To cover all areas of application TP18 Blitz is also available with a 400V drive. Both models are available either with variable output speed or constant drive. It is easy to use, handle and dismantle into three separate units. Its compact design and the light weight of each element provide easy transport even by car. The design of TP 18 Blitz has been reduced to the minimum of elements: you will not find unnecessary elements.

Conveying Pump Series – CPPS Mono and Power

Our latest issue of multipurpose powerful pumps covers any range of application and performance expectation. Motors with variable speed drive guarantee high and fexible output. The machines are all easy to handle and dismantle into two separate units and are therefore easy to transport. FP-V pumps are ideal to pump and spray conventional paste-like material i.e.: fnishing coat, lime cement plaster, joint mortar, filler, levelling compound, fire protection coating, reinforcement adhesive, any paste-like premixed decorative plaster, etc. Our series of conveying pumps CPPS with the issues Mono and Power covers any range of application and performance expectations. In terms of handling these ruggedly designed conveying pumps have been reduced to their bare essentials: you will not find any unnecessary element.

Continuous Mixer – G15

Continuous mixer G15 of universal using, is excellent and suitable for premixing dry material, adhesive and reinforce mortar, ornamental plaster and materials with grain size up to 4 mm. Continuous mixer G15 is effective, easy to use and very flexible. Its particular small weight, easy disassembly and fold-up frame, make it possible to transport in almost each car. Optimal mixed material and rubber mixing tube allow cleaning of the entire mixing area and ensure the best, friendly handling both inside and outside building site.