Blockbond (HDS)

Blockbond (HDS)

Perlcon BLOCK BOND HDS is heavy density, self curing, sand base ready mix masonry mortar for AAC/CLC & concrete blocks.

BLOCK BOND HDS provides ideal bond to AAC/CLC/CONCRETE block walls. Perlcon BLOCK BOND HDS is made from cement, graded sand and polymeric additives which helps in providing mechanical bond as well as excellent adhesion between the blocks.


  • benefit-icon1

    Light Weight

  • benefit-icon2

    Saves time & Cost

  • benefit-icon3

    Sand free

  • benefit-icon4

    Self curing Saves water

  • benefit-icon5

    Dust free & clean

  • benefit-icon6

    Saves manpower

  • benefit-icon7

    Less material usage

  • benefit-icon8

    Lasts long

Technical Specifications

Testing Parameters @ 27 deg C

Bulk Density: 1.30 – 1.40 gm/cc

Water Demand: 20 – 22 %

Pot Life: Approx 150 minutes

Open Time: 10 – 15 minutes

Compressive strength @ 28 days: > 8 Mpa

Tensile splitting strength: >0.8 Mpa for 3mm at 28 days

Initial setting time: 165 – 200 minutes

Final setting time: 275 – 360 minutes

Appearance: Grey powder

frequently asked questions

Can Blockbond be used for all types of light weight blocks?

Yes, Blockbond is formulated for all types of light weight blocks.

Can it be mixed manually at site?

Yes. Care should be taken to ensure uniform consistency.

How much water does it require?

48% by weight of Blockbond (+/- 5%.)

What is the coverage?

16 kg/cum of block masonry (Block size 600 x 200 x 200 mm.)

What is the shelf life?

6 months. Under ideal storage conditions.