Glazed Iso Balls

Glazed Iso Balls

Perlcon GIB COOL MIX is a light weight insulation concrete ready mix mortar which is ideal for over deck insulation and roof treatments. It consists of specially processed light wight aggregate (Perlcon Glazed Iso Ball – GIB), cement OPC 53 grade, formulated with special additives to enhance working and setting characteristics, also improves workability and coverage. When dry, it provides superior insulation to underneath layer that prevents heat transfers form one side to the other. It is inert, weather proof layer which serves you for years & saves air conditioning cost up to 30% moreover it has excellent thermal and accoustic insulation properties.


  • benefit-icon1

    Light in weight

  • benefit-icon2

    Convenient and easy to apply

  • benefit-icon4

    Low carbon emission

  • benefit-icon5

    Provides excellent bonding

  • benefit-icon6

    Cool and comfortable living

  • benefit-icon7

    Ready Mix

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    Energy saving upto 35%

Technical Specifications

Dry Density: 500 – 550 Kg/m³

Water Demand: 60 – 65 % by weight

Pot Life: 140 – 160 Min

Compressive Strength:  ˃ 5 Mpa (after 28 Days)

Thermal conductivity: 0.128 w/mk ASTM C177

R Value: 2.78 per 25 mm #

U Value: 0.36 w/m2k #

Fire Resistance: Non Flammable / IS 11239

# Value of Thermal Resistance in Accordance with ASTM C1363. 11