Internal or external wall tiling/cladding work is exposed to extreme temperature variations which induces expansion and contraction of tiles/stones. In addition, external tiling or cladding is also affected by rains, wind and gravitational force. Air pockets and lack of curing reduces stability of tiling work. This is reflected in cracking, dislodging and falling of tiles.

Perlcon Vertigrip is an extra strength, sand free, self curing, special tiling mortar for vertical surfaces. Its even spreading ensures tiling work completely devoid of air pockets and cavities. Its special formulation decreases the maintenance costs.

Being lighter and self curing, Vertigrip is a boon for quick construction. No pre wetting  of substrate and tiles is required for application of Vertigrip. This saves water and prevents tile breakage. Vertigrip also allows a correction time of 10-12 minutes for re adjustment of tiles, increasing the accuracy and aesthetics of tiling work.

Vertigrip (Platinum)*40 Kg. & 20 Kg. For Large Format Stone / Tiles
Vertigrip (Premium)40 Kg. & 20 Kg. Vitrified / Ceramic / Stones
Vertigrip (Gold)40 Kg. & 20 Kg.Ceramic / Stones

* Also available in White base – Ideally suitable for Italian marble / White marble / Translucent stones


  • benefit-icon1

    Light Weight

  • benefit-icon2

    Saves Time & Cost

  • benefit-icon4

    Self Curing Saves Water

  • benefit-icon5

    Sand, Dust & Crack Free

  • benefit-icon6

    Saves Manpower

  • benefit-icon7

    Less Material Usage

  • benefit-icon8

    Lasts Long

Technical Specifications

Dry density: 1200 kg/cum (+/- 5%)

Initial setting time: 40 – 45 mins

Final setting time: 500 – 600 mins

Pot life: 2 hrs

Coating thickness: 3-5 mm

Coverage*: 3.75 sq.ft./kg (for 3 mm bedding)

Shelf life**: 6 months

Ideal for use at 27°C – 30°C

Type II

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care. Under packed conditions.

frequently asked questions

What is the joint thickness required for achieving a good workable & durable bond?

Depends upon tile size, thickness & weight. Normally, for 300 x 300 x 6 mm tiles, 3 mm bedding is recommended. Whereas for PKS/granite ladi it can be upto 8 to 10 mm thick.

How much water is required for mixing?

25% by the weight of dry Vertigrip powder (+/- 5%.)

Does Vertigrip allow possibility of correction after fixing?

Yes, you can adjust the tile position within 10-12 mins of fixing it.

What coverage can be achieved with Vertigrip for 3 mm thick bedding?

In ideal conditions, approximately 3.75 sq. ft./kg, if the base surface is evenly leveled and work is carried out with proper tools and by a skilled worker.

What is the pot life?

100 – 120 mins.

What is the shelf life?

6 months. Under ideal storage conditions.